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About us

zabbixtraining is a website build by Falco Networks B.V, based in The Netherlands.

Falco Networks is using Zabbix for the last 6 years and thus there is a lot of knowledge available.

In the beginning of 2017 Falco Networks and Zabbix SIA started their partnership. A few months later Brian van Baekel passed his Zabbix Certified Trainer course. This makes Falco Networks a Certified Training partner.

Zabbix Certified Partner
Zabbix Certified Trainer

Falco Networks

Delivering custom solutions, integrity and operating in a distinctive manner with regard to quality is important value within the Falco Networks organization. Finding the right solution is always their key priority.

“At Falco Networks, we feel that the monitoring solution and responsive support offered by Zabbix fits very well to how we ourselves look at network monitoring and complements the rest of our network services portfolio”.

About Falco Networks B.V.

Falco Networks was founded in 2003, and has since been active as network integrator, sparringpartner, and innovative solutions provider for customers looking for enhancements in their network infrastructure.

Originally these services were provided to network operators, datacenters, service- and hosting providers. In the meantime this extensive experience is now also applied to enterprise environments. Although these environments are quite different, the requirements with regards to feature enhancements, cost reduction and reliability are very similar.

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About Brian van Baekel

Brian van Baekel started his IT career in 2014, working at Falco Networks as network engineer, building, supporting and implementing both small and large network environments. In meanwhile he acquired several Cisco, Juniper and Extreme Networks certifications.

Since 2014 he worked with Zabbix, starting at version 1.8, building small/medium environments. At the start of 2017 he acquired his Zabbix Specialist and Professional certifications, and a few months later attended the Zabbix Certified Trainer course in Riga.