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Zabbix Consultancy

Zabbix Consultancy

If you already have an existing Zabbix server but you want to get checked how healthy it is, whether you are using templates how they should be used, having problems with this server, or any other questions, that’s where we can provide Zabbix consultancy.

We (Falco Networks) can do this remote or come to visit you(national and international), try to answer as much as questions as possible, fix the problems that can be fixed in a timely manner, or guide you to the right solution.

We’re also providing Zabbix training and other services

Template building

If you have a new device type to be monitored but no time to make a nice template for it? We can make this template for you.

As a first step we make sure we understand what kind of information you want to gather. If you are not sure about what is useful to monitor, there is no problem. With our broad experience we will be able to help you decide which metrics should be included in the template
Our consultant will check what the best way is to monitor this device and build an appropriate template for it.

Performance checks

We can do “healthchecks” on your Zabbix server, and we can learn you how to check it yourself the next times.

We can do those checks remote but also come to visit you. After we’ve checked how the Zabbix server is performing we will send you an report with the current situation and possible points to improve of monitor closer.

This way you will know for sure you won’t hit performance issues in the near future!

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