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Zabbix Implementations

When you are not yet using Zabbix, or not using monitoring at all, we are able to do the migration or starting with monitoring. From A to Z and the end product will be a up and running Zabbix Server build following the best practices and recommendations by Zabbix

Of course we will make the templates, add the hosts, make sure alerting will be done etc etc. It’s not just building an empty Zabbix server. We can even train the responsible administrators thus giving you a complete solution!

Example 1

You are using PRTG,Nagios or one of the many other monitoring solutions and want to migrate to Zabbix

Example 2

You are not using any monitoring solution yet and got no time or knowledge to start with Zabbix

Example 3

You are running an old Zabbix release and want to move to the latest (or LTS) version

Example 4

Starting with an complete new platform and want to monitor that immediately the right way

For these kind of examples, but not limited to, we are able to do an complete implementation, migration and training program

This is always custom work, please contact us to discuss the options.

Contact us to discuss the options

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